Apple is a fruit of balance and beauty!

Apple is a 3 bedroom  fully detached bungalow with functional units elegantly grouped, organized and integrated into a pristine environment for optimum utility, security and comfort.

The entrance presents a simply endearing lounge with a good view of the dining area and undisturbed circulation which warmly directs to the impacting atmospheres of the bedrooms.

The synergy of the artistically crafted ceiling and wall fenestrations are simply amazing!

It offers soft, elegant and pleasant visual impressions both within and outside!

It goes for N14.5m for Carcass and N18.5m for fully finished.

– 3 Bedroom fully detached Bungalow
– Visitor’s toilet
– Dining space
– Exquisitely finished
– Land Area 400m2
– Built Up Area 140m2
– All rooms en-suite with shower cubicles, water heaters, and sanitary wares
– Fiitted kitchen with store, kitchen cabinets, 6 burner gas cooker, heat extractor
– Beautiful landscaped lawns
– Jacuzzi

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