What We Do


Pentagon Real Estate Investment Limited is a privately-owned company incorporated on 6th February, 2007 with the objective of providing Real Estate services to individuals and corporate bodies. It commenced business shortly after incorporation and has its head office at Suite E68, Ikota Shopping Complex, VGC, Lekki Peninsula, Lagos State. The Company is managed by professionals with several years of training and experience both in Nigeria and abroad.  It is currently handling a number of estate development projects which include Mainland Park, Cedar Garden, Sheba Garden, Palms Garden and Rehoboth City.

Foundational Philosophy

The housing deficit in Nigeria is estimated at between 17-20million housing units while current home ownership rate is estimated at 25%; compared to 84% in the Indonesia and 73% in Kenya and 56% in South Africa.  All efforts of both the Federal and State Governments geared toward addressing this problem have proved grossly inadequate.

The effort of majority of real estate private sector players is like a drop in the ocean and has been unable to significantly alter the ugly picture. This in part can be attributed to the profit maximization drive of these establishments.

Our founding philosophy is therefore borne out of the compelling need to think outside the box if the Country must experience any form of improvement in the current state of housing provision across the states. The need for this paradigm shift has led Pentagon Real Estates Investment Ltd. (PREIL) to the identification of pertinent issues in housing delivery in Nigeria.


* Provision of serviced plots.
* Gated communities
* Facility management services.
* Architectural and engineering designs.
* Real Estates development

Our Real Estate Investment and Service Company (PREIL) started operations in Nigeria with its headquarters in Lagos in year 2007. The Company commenced business activities under the able, dynamic and visionary leadership of Mr. Kennedy Okoruwa.

Kennedy Okoruwa is a young Nigerian entrepreneur with a deep wealth of experience in the Real Estate Sector. As an astute businessman and a resourceful real estate expert, it is his deep conviction that, “housing accommodation for personal or investment purposes should be easily accessible for the greater majority of our citizens, as it is in other developed economies. In other words, housing should be obtained without tears and stress”.

The phenomenal growth of the company in its about 11 years of existence attests to the fact of its:

  • Focused and qualitative leadership and management skills by the directors.
  • Dedicated support, a shared vision and unparalleled professionalism by a highly trained and experienced management team and,
  • Finally, the provision of exciting housing products and effective service delivery to its numerous clients.

At present, PREIL is ahead of its trading forecast, which is another testimony to the fact that excellent products, reasonably priced and seamlessly delivered by experienced professionals will always translate to healthy bottom line trading results.