Who We Are

Our Real Estate Investment and Service Company (PREIL) started operations in Nigeria with its headquarters in Lagos in year 2007. The Company commenced business activities under the able, dynamic and visionary leadership of Mr. Kennedy Okoruwa.

Kennedy Okoruwa is a young Nigerian entrepreneur with a deep wealth of experience in the Real Estate Sector. According to the hard working young businessman, “housing accommodation for personal or investment purposes should be easily accessible for the greater majority of our citizens, as it is in other developed economies. In other words, housing should be obtained without tears and stress”.

The phenomenal growth of our company in less than 10 years attests to the following:

  • Focused and qualitative leadership and management skill by the directors.
  • Dedicated support, a shared vision and unparalleled professionalism by a highly trained and experienced management team.
  • Finally, the provision of exciting housing products and effective service delivery to a discerning clientele.

At present, PREIL is ahead of it trading forecast, which is another testimony to the fact that excellent products, reasonably priced and seamlessly delivered by experienced professionals will always translate to healthy bottom line trading results.